Top 10 Cryptocurrency Payment Gateways For 2023

These gateways facilitate the smooth integration of cryptocurrencies into online commerce, offering a secure and efficient way for businesses to accept digital assets as payment. To understand how crypto payment gateways work, let’s delve into the process step by step. Bitpay is a US-based crypto payment gateway that is considered one of the best and simplest in the market. It is an open-source crypto wallet that allows crypto transactions globally with top-notch security.

CryptoCurrency Payment Gateway

It provides a secure gateway for your WooCommerce store by eliminating external redirects during checkout. BTCPay is one of the best cryptocurrency plugins for WordPress, letting you accept altcoins and Bitcoin payments directly to your wallet without extra fees. With this module, merchants can also display prices in cryptocurrency, making it easier for customers to see the cost of items in digital currencies. As with most things in life, getting your head around crypto processing is easy, but understanding it on a technical level is much harder. Alas, we arrive at the aim of today’s article – to provide a crypto-curious audience with a comprehensive guide on crypto payment providers. Alternatively, if you choose the hands-off approach, then in the dashboard you can set up automatic conversions into fiat, like USD or euro, when using the processing API.

Both the crypto payment processor and crypto payment gateway are essential to enable secure crypto payments. CoinPayments is one of the top crypto payment processors for business and enterprises. This global payment processor accepts over 120 coins including bitcoin and ETH. CoinPayments handled over $10 Billion payments in crypto successfully till today and served 100,000+ merchants globally since 2013.

Trading in cryptos on international P2P exchanges? You run the risk of your bank account being frozen

The Crypto payment processor also converts and deposits fiat currencies directly in the vendor’s bank account after deduction of necessary charges. This cryptocurrency charts plugin supports over 3,000 coins and tokens, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and Dash. Cryptoniq is one of the best premium cryptocurrency WordPress plugins, accepting six crypto payment options, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, TRON, and Litecoin. Cryptocurrency transfers are facilitated through a digital wallet provided by the service, so the payment gateway companies may charge fees for facilitating transactions. Also, verification of transactions in the blockchain requires significant energy use and computational power, and miners and validators receive a fee for their work. This fee is usually paid in the form of a small amount of currency from the sender.

People have been using cryptocurrencies to make payments ever since the first famous real-world Bitcoin pizza transaction for 10,000 BTC in 2010. We’ve advanced from a manual method to integrated digital currency gateways provided through FinTech banking and cryptocurrency services more than ten years later. If you want to start experimenting with cryptocurrency payments on your own, find out what services your crypto exchange provides by contacting them. Our cryptocurrency payment gateway offers a variety of payment options, including the following digital currencies and stablecoins.

It’s possible to set a default currency while providing other options to customers. Hivelance is the dominant Cryptocurrency Exchange platform development company working with different businesses across the various industries on the global level. We have a client base in both national and international standards who gave us treasuring credits about our services.

It’s a high-quality and secure payment gateway that is user-friendly and accepts cryptocurrency from anywhere at any time. This platform is feature-loaded like APIs that integrate with Coinbase for easy and transparent processing. A major player in the eCommerce segment, Shopify is also well-known in the crypto payment processor segment. Shopify offers reliable customer service support and assistance and is loaded with features that offer an exquisite shopping experience.

Our White-label cryptocurrency payment gateway development services transform industries like supply chains, healthcare, education, entertainment, real estate, etc. NOWPayments accepts more than 75 cryptocurrencies with an auto coin conversation option. But regardless of that, merchants can choose to accept any cryptocurrency that they want. It provides users with a number of tools like API, invoices, widgets, buttons, and plugins for WooCommerce, ZenCart, PrestaShop, etc.

Benefits of Our Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway Development

Even In India, Government has recently taxed profits from Crypto at 30%, which indicates that Crypto transactions have a future in the Indian market. Like UPI, Crypto could soon be the new payment method for online services and eCommerce websites. One thing that should reassure merchants is the years of experience the CEO of Remuno has, who has spent many years in senior positions at big retailer names like; Asos and Next.

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Proof-of-Work Layer-1 Crypto Project Defies Market Doldrums and Surges by 29% This Week Amid New Integrations.

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It’ll come as no surprise that CoinsPaid offering checks each of these boxes. For that very reason, we’re convinced of its title as the best crypto payments api on the market. Before you commit to a service, the team behind a crypto payment platform will aim to provide you with a demo account so you can get comfortable beforehand. Here, you’ll be able to familiarise yourself with the merchant dashboard and test all the tools, but some pre-test steps are usually required from you.

Crypto Payment Gateway Development Services

Additionally, the merchant can convert the crypto into fiat anytime or store them in their crypto wallet. This flexibility allows merchants to manage their funds efficiently and make the most of their digital currency payments. Now, you have the option to receive payments directly in your crypto wallet by providing the wallet address to a buyer. While this might be a good option for a few transactions, it doesn’t serve the need of businesses. On the contrary, Crypto gateway receives payment from the buyer’s crypto wallet and deposits it in the seller’s crypto wallet.

Our White label crypto payment gateway app development is a pre-built and cost-effective solution than building one from scratch. Following completion, the user may start paying with cryptocurrency (in-store, online, or in-app) by logging in to the crypto payment gateway. The user first creates an account on the crypto payment gateway platform [personal or business type] by providing an email address, name, and password.

  • A major player in the eCommerce segment, Shopify is also well-known in the crypto payment processor segment.
  • Depending on the requirements of your business, we can customize your white label crypto payment gateway solution and publish in the global crypto market in a matter of days or weeks.
  • Cryptocurrency aims to eliminate third parties from financial transactions, but this innovative concept may take time to grasp for some.
  • Users will only be charged a 0.50% transaction fee and it supports airdrop of CPS crypto coin.

Cryptocurrency payment gateway integrates the wallets with unique addresses and also has powerful APIs ( Application programming interfaces ). Some of the vital functionalities performed by these payment gateways are instant transacting, real-time transaction tracking, and noting down the analytics for noticing the performance levels. Our business-specific white-label solutions guarantee a remarkable user experience and get your crypto business up and running quickly. Our white-label cryptocurrency payment gateway development services are fully customizable and bug-free platforms with advanced security and trading features.

Furthermore, Coinpress allows you to customize the default order and layout styles. Apart from a crypto price list, you can also include information about their market cap using the widgets available. The free version comes with four widget options, while the premium plans have 12. CryptoWoo developers release frequent updates to ensure the plugin’s high performance. Additionally, you can customize its options by submitting development requests – the plugin’s programmers will carry out the project. Integration is real quick with our free-to-use payment plugins, APIs, and payment buttons.

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