Selecting Board Management Software

Board management software assists organizations to streamline the process of managing board meetings, documents and members. It also lets them to collaborate and communicate more effectively. It also offers an extra secure option to email to share sensitive information. However, not all board management software is created equally, and it’s essential to think about your specific requirements when choosing a solution.

Many think of board portals as being designed to serve the needs of directors’ boards however they can be adapted to serve the governance requirements of committees as well as working teams as well. Choose a provider that offers group training and assistance to help you spread the value of your technology in the boardroom to other groups in your company.

Find a portal for boards that has meeting management tools like calendars that integrate scheduling capabilities and e-signature options for more efficient meetings that are easier to monitor and audit. Another crucial feature is a solid document storage system which automatically uploads agendas and minutes into a central repository, and gives ample space for corporate documents for reference. To improve collaboration and understanding, look for annotation tools that let team members highlight, share and add comments on documents, online or off.

A centralized hub for all documents, communications and tasks allows you to organize everything you need to have a successful meeting. The ability to immediately access meeting materials as well as messages from your colleagues, organizational policies and agendas on your tablet, computer or smartphone ensures that you always keep up-to-date with what’s happening.

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