How to Choose the Right Board Member

Choosing the right board member is an essential step in building your business structure. The board of directors is the face of your company and the actions of directors can influence the way you conduct business. If a board is hard to reach, doesn’t attend meetings or is not in align with your values or the rest of the board, it could be time for them to be replaced.

A good board member is one who is committed to the mission of your organization. Passion for the issues that your non-profit addresses keeps board members on the same page even after the initial excitement is gone. They should also have a certain degree of organizational or business competency and have a basic understanding of basic principles of good business practice.

You should look for people with diverse backgrounds, ages, ethnicities, and experiences to fill your board. This gives your board a diversity and the ability to offer new perspectives to your leadership. Board members should be willing to question assumptions and play the role of the devil’s attorney, even if they are basing their decisions on their own experiences.

Ask potential board members to tell you how much time they are willing to commit to the work of your board as well as the work of its committees. Many people who are interested in joining a committee underestimate the commitment required to take on the duties. During the vetting process, you must identify any other commitments that could hinder their ability to be on your board.

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